IB Photo – 2nd Year – COVID-19 Update and Schedule


First off, I want to wish you and your family the best during these turbulent times.  I hope you are well and doing as best you can during this time.

In light of recent events, we are keeping things very simple for the rest of the year for now.  I know you are dealing with other IB classes and tests and I want to allow as much time for you to work on that.  So we are only focusing on getting your IB assessments done.  No new assignments will assigned for now.

So with that in mind, you need to get this done. No excuses – do not procrastinate. 

 Both myself and Mrs. Dogancay have a lot to deal with in these turbulent times and any delay by you will have impact on others.  IB has given extensions on deadlines and you may look at these and wonder why I am asking for these to be turned in earlier.  These deadlines are for the school not you.  We have to make sure everything is set up properly.  

So what to do now:

Two of you have yet to sign up for Remind for this class.  This is mandatory at this point.  Please do so now.  This is not the same as Remind for the art show.

IB Photo Remind 2019-20



Some of you, unfortunately have yet to upload you Comparative Study to IBIS and Turn it in.  This must get done ASAP.  This needs to be done by April 3.  At this point you will still get late credit for it (60%) if you get it turned in by then.  If it is turned in after that, you will receive a zero.  This was due a long time ago.



If you have not already, please download the Zoom app on your phone or tablet.  It is free.  We will use this to conference about your Curatorial Rationale and any other things you need to talk about.  It is a video telecommunication app like FaceTime.  I will be looking to conference with you during our designated 4B periods and office hours during the week or another time if necessary.  I will initially use Remind to make an appointment time.  We will look to do this the week of March 30 and April 6.

So having said all this, below is your schedule.  Please review it.

IB Photo 2nd Year – Modified Schedule – COVID-19

Please go to this page for information on turning in all your assessments:

IB Submission Process

Good news:  It looks like you can download Photoshop for free during this crisis: