IB Post Portfolio Project

For the the weeks after the IB portfolio, you will be engaged in a less high pressure, but also serious, project.

You will be helping NPHS become a certified Eco-School by doing this project.  Eco-Schools will be explained to you in person.

Please look at the work of the artist Chris Jordan

Look at all of his portfolios, but I would like you to focus particularly on the “Intolerable Beauty II” collection.

To find the collections of his work, hover over “artworks” on the home page and a list of his collections appears


You may work independently or in a group.

There are different things on campus that qualify for the Eco Schools certification:

School garden(s)
Eco Art
Water filters on drinking fountains
Energy saving plan (CVUSD)
Recycling Club
(There may be others of which I am unaware)

Your task is to artistically showcase the positive impact these projects have made on the environment.  You might take the opposite approach that Chris Jordan takes.

Please look at this link to understand the concept of Ecological Handprint vs. Ecological Footprint